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The legend of ZELDA

by free-games

The legend of ZELDA nes game
Don't support droid x.
For Samsung phones,please uncheck the "enable sound" at the first screen.
Donations are accepted, and non-ads version is available .


by Matt on

Difficult to control.


by john on

Grew up with this game. Awsome game. But please make it droidx compatible.


by liz on

This is the second time all my info was lost just after level 8! Annoying. Uninstalling.


by damon on

Whoever was in charge of the doing the controls for this game needs kicked right in their junk!! Way to ruin a fun game!


by Lisa on

I love the game, this finally downloaded but will not start. I tried every combination but... I'll check back every so often, hope u'll get it right.


by Alleannah on

It was slow and it wouldn't save my progress. And the quality was poor.


by Kathy on



by Michael on

Its a good a point. I'm just not to into the touch screen. There should be an option you can change over into the keyboard. - KAC


by Paul on

Controls suck on touchscreen. Prob works w physical keyboard. I'm better at Zelda than this! Music is choppy.


by Stephen on

Who can say they have zelda on their phone. Who!? Just us


by jose on

Saved games keep freezing on all save slots making the game unplayable.


by grant on

You can't save and to quit if you don't turn off your phone it just keeps running in the background overheating your phone


by Michael on

Glad to see this game, however needs some kinks worked out. Mainly controls and choppy music. Moto droid non-rooted.


by Eddie on

Freeezes, cant even play. Good for three seconds.give me a break.....droid 2


by phil on

How the hell do you play this?


by Dustin on

Food. Takes me back. It's kinda hard to use the X-pad but by, just gotta learn is all. Scaling options are cool Nd allow for customization.


by Zach on

Ill pay for this if you fix the save.


by Dan on

Froze upon loading saved game for first time. Moto Droid first Gen.


by Alex on

It's good. Controls are wired. Glitches a little. Evo


by Marc on

Would be easier to hold phone and play if d-pad were in upper left, instead of lower. Samsung vibrant


by Shannon on

Buttons don't always work.


by ernie on

It was a 5 until i saved the game and now i cant attack....when fixed it will be a five


by William on

Froze my droid x everytime, had to pull battery. Would love to play it. Please update!


by Thomas on

It sux


by Anonymous on

If possible please make keypad or keyboard controls =(



It is what it is. Love it.

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